Saturday, January 31, 2009

Body of Work

Body of Work

Ok, ok so I was going to stick to landscapes for my body of work and then I was thinking that it would be really fun to do my cat and some other animals one by one. Then I couldn't make up my mind about anything for a while. So this is what I did. I made a very very short list of what I will allow myself to paint.
High contrast mono tone Silhouette on wood panel
I feel to restricted by one subject but I am also way to all over the place with my work. This way I am not totally restricted to one subject and I can freshen myself up and stay inspired instead of burnt out. I did find an Excellent article with a artistic exercise for creating a body of work.
Here is a small exert from it.
An Exercise to Build a Body of Work

"Here's an exercise to consider. Decide on a style, subject matter, palette, and value range that you love, and are comfortable doing. Narrow it down. Dogs? Too broad. One breed only. Too broad. One specific dog only. That would definitely help narrow down your palette. Do that one dog over and over, in the same narrow range of colors. But that dog has to be no ordinary dog. She has to breathe the very essence of dogness, and can become a symbol of a myriad of things. Case in point -- Cajun artist George Rodrigue with his famous Blue Dog in all her various incarnations.

But I'd take it even a few steps further. I'd do a series of 12 paintings of my dog on the same size and style of canvas (or paper.) My dog would probably have something in the background unrelated to dogs. And my dog probably wouldn't be just sitting there looking out from the canvas all iconic and everything. Mine might be doing something else. Anyway, you get the idea. Focus, focus, focus! You've got nothing to lose but a few art materials, and you might actually enjoy staying with a series enough that you'll do two dozen instead of just one."


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