Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walk of the Arts Photos

Walk of the Arts Photos

I am finally getting around to posting the pictures from the art walk. This is a view of my exhibit. I am really glad I went to this event. I got a lot of good feedback and was able to interact with the community. I handed out a lot of cards and was pretty busy the whole time. You can see me on the left starting to paint my mural. I was able to complete it in just 3 hours! My mom documented it for me so I will include the step by step photos.

I layed it all out with very fine chalk then really quickly painted in the sky. Remember I only have 3 hours to complete the whole thing.

Painted in the clouds while the sky was still damp for blending then started in on the background.

Ya, the band was loud but it was a fun atmosphere.

Working my way into the foreground. Lots of color here. This is a Tuscan scene.

Happy trees.

The main happy tree

Another final layer of color. i have to add a little villa for interest in the hills. Almost out of time here.

Finishing touches.

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