Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Currently In Progress 3/12

Currently In Progress 3/12

I have my new place set up so That I have a hanging wire in my hallway. I plan on hanging up unfinished or concept art up there so that it keeps them in frequent view. It will keep them in the front of my mind so I can figure out what I want to do with them next. I also like to post work that is not yet done so I can keep my self thinking about them. A few items that are currently on deck are as follows.
Mt Hood View- I need to re-work the sky completely. add a bit more detail and interest to the mountain and do the entire foreground. I think I was having a hard time with the paint drying when I started this piece. I do kinda like how it has a paint by number feel to the detailing in the actual terrain of the mountain. I will post a close up when it has been completed.

I have a really small version of this painting that people love so I am making a bigger one that I can hopefully have prints made from. For some reason I am having a issue with how I want to layout the rest of the trees. I re-work them in charcoal from time to time.

This is that dragon that I started just a few months ago. it is done in acrylic and watercolors with pencil to detail. I think I am going to go in and add some more detail and contrast to the face with colored pencils since it is on illustration board.

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