About Me

About Me

Greetings Internet Travelers! 
Thank you for your interest in my work and web site. My name is Leah Garcia and I am a Santa Cruz, California local. I live in a tiny little place near the beach which I am excited to share with my wonderful man Chris and enthusiastically charged doggie side kick Gypsy aka Jip. I love leading a minimalist life style and prioritizing health and enjoying life's precious moments.  I am a spiritually creative and driven individual who is continuously striving to capture something greater in my art. I paint in acrylic medium primarily but also love and embrace mixed media and absolutely love to sometimes take a painting break to delve into the crafty-er side of things.

I paint acrylic paintings large and small. Typically I produce work that is about 16'x18'. I find this to be a very versatile size that can look great in large and small spaces. I am looking into creating more small scale pieces to facilitate the tiny "vibe" in the future ie; Tiny Art for Tiny Spaces. Look for these in the future.
I produce giclee art prints of some of my work in my studio. These are typically no bigger then 8x10 but if you are in love with a piece and I do not have the original any longer then I may be able to have something arranged.
New on the scene. Hand painted bags. I am currently producing a messenger type bag, a grocery type 2 handle tote and a lightweight purse mini bag for when you just need to have something on hand. They are bright, beautiful and the front design is screen printed. each bag will be different and unique. I am in the first run of these so look forward to their official release late spring to early summer this year.
In the future I look to collaborate with another artist to feature project kits that you can purchase online and also some local based classes and workshops. We are also starting to develop an E-Book with more in depth techniques on window painting and effective signage.

Yes, I offer other services! If you are within the bay area. You may be eligible for mural and window painting services. I also am available for painting commissions. Just shoot me a e-mail with any questions and a free estimate.

Minimalist and utilitarian spaces, Clearing your mind and leaving space for simple pleasures, Having a spiritual connection to the Earth and living things, Ancestral holistic health, Amazing animal companions, Tiny home living, Adventuring in nature.
You will see a lot of these interests and concepts pop up in and flavor my articles. I hope through this site and the various social media networks out there that we can enrich each others lives and grow as people and creative souls. I hope to hear from you.

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