Gypsy The Papillon

Who is Gypsy?
Lassie's stunt double? Rin Tin Tin's administrative assistant? International dog of mystery?
No, but so much more than that. This is my tiny muse, my web site mascot and my furry friend. Her vigor and enthusiasm for life is inspiring.  It is her integral role in the creation of my artwork that she is equally represented on the web site. In fact hidden deep in the first layers of paint there are tiny, fine and thankfully non-visible Gypsy hairs. This is how you know that a painting is an authentic Leah Garcia original.

Weighing in at a pinky finger stressing 8 pounds Gypsy is a acrobatic marvel to behold. She has a luxurious hair do and amazing fashion sense. Her hobbies include: hunting for food crumbs, patrolling the windows, climbing to the highest part of me to nap and entertaining an audience via tricks and hi-jinks. She makes sure to include all these things in her daily repertoire but her true passion is scarfing down grub.  Not just at dinner, not just enough, but to consume all things out of reach until she explodes.
Gypsy aspires to greater things in life as well. Someday she hopes to have her own Youtube videos where she can show all her fans that she someday may have the skills to be a K9 freestyle competitor. I would  have to muster up the courage to compete with her. If only we could finally agree on the music.
Here is a lovely video of a slower tempo canine freestyle dance routine if you have never had the pleasure of seeing this under appreciated performance art.

From the Desk of Gypsy
I want to reserve this section for an official statement. we are still working on perfecting the left side of the keyboard so it could take some time. Check back in the future for a story from the dogs paws. 

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